Notes From The Dramaturg: Girl Be Heard’s “9mm America”

Here is a blurb I wrote about Girl Be Heard’s “9mm America,” which premiered at Planet Connection Theatre Festivity (NYC) in June 2013.

The U.S. of A.K. is a victim to the easy consumption of gun violence and in a neat and tidy package. It’s often a tactic for political gain and control of the public opinion. This advertising technique is in reality, an illusion. Headlines and news channels are littered with sentimental coverage by professional reporters, snapshots of horrific crime scenes and victims, and third-person eyewitness testimonials. And yet, where is the truth? In most circumstances, when we want to “get to the bottom of it” we go directly to the source. Alternatives would be deemed untrustworthy or unaccountable. Perhaps, we know the reality of gun violence deeper than any mediated representation. Let’s learn from one another, our neighbors.

The truth is—children are shot to death every single day. Playgrounds and streets are battlefields while schools have become prisons. Neighborhoods feel the reverberation of violence for centuries as history repeats itself. And still, their voices go unheard as America turns its head time and time again. How have we found ourselves in a country of such despair—a country that refuses to listen to the sobs of valuable cities like: Detroit, Oakland, Chicago, St. Louis, Richmond, and the South Bronx. Conceivably, these communities were simply never given the megaphone—the stage. Our time is now.

For more info. about Girl Be Heard, visit:


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