3 More Runs of Girl Be Heard’s “9mm America”

CHECK IT OUT! I am truly honored to be the Dramaturg of Girl Be Heard’s “9mm America” directed by Ashley Marinaccio premieres at Plant Connections Festivity June 2013

9mm America explores America’s culture of violence. Written and performed by ten young women, this documentary theatre production is the real story of our girls’ experience with gun violence – from gang warfare to cross fire deaths of family members. 9mm America plays the following schedule as part of the Planet Connections Theatre Festivity: Saturday 6/1 at 6:30pm, Sunday 6/2 at 6:30pm, Tuesday 6/4 at 8:00pm, Friday 6/7/13 at 4:30pm, Sunday 6/9 at 5:00pm and Wednesday 6/19 at 8:00pm.

Purchase tickets here.


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